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How to order your KC Flowers

Frequently asked questions

We have 5 types of flower arrangements

1. Cones

2. Clutches

3. Square Boxes 

4. Infinity Boxes

5. Acrylic Boxes (currently out of stock)

6. Bouquets

7. Woodboxes (currently out of stock)

How to order?

1. Choose The box you like

2. Select the flowers you like

3. Select any add on

4. Add to cart

2. How to pay?

1. Add the desired items to your         shopping bag by clicking "add to cart"

2.Please note all our prices are in USD.

3. Confirm delivery or pick up address

4. Add a note on card

5. Checkout

6. Type shipping details

7. Review and place order

8. If paying with credit card click on the link

9. If paying through bank transfer you will receive an e-mail with payments details

10. Enjoy your KC Flowers

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